The coaching staff at the Salem Basketball Camp is dedicated in providing a safe and enjoyable learning experience for all players regardless of age or ability level. Players are grouped by age, gender and ability level in order to provide each player an opportunity to be competitive during all drills, games and contests.

The three main goals at basketball camp are:

    1. To keep players safe at all times
    2. To teach the game of basketball
    3. To have fun

Safety is the first topic addressed before camp begins. Players are provided with clear expectations including safety procedures and respect for each other and the coaches. Coaches provide close supervision of players at all times, including during lunch and breaks.

This is an instructional basketball camp. Players rotate through several drill stations every day emphasizing various fundamental skills. Coaches also explain and demonstrate many skills and concepts in small and large group settings. Players also learn the vocabulary and rules of the game from a certified referee.

There is plenty of fun at the Salem Basketball Camp. Music is provided throughout the day in order to create an exciting atmosphere which the players enjoy, especially during drills, contests and relay races.


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